Prepositions + Nouns

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Use ‘by’ with the following nouns:

    • to pay by check (credit card)
      Example: I paid the bill by check.
    • to do something by accident
      Example: I broke the vase by mist
    • ake.
    • to do something by mistake
      Example: I’m afraid I brought the wrong book by mistake.
    • to do something by chance
      Example: I saw Jack at the supermarket by chance.
    • a play, song, book, etc. by someone
      Example: The opera ‘Otello’ is by Giuseppe Verdi.

Use ‘for’ with the following nouns:

    • (to go / come) for a walk
      Example: Let’s go for a walk.
    • (to go / come) for a swim
      Example: We went for a swim as soon as we arrived.
    • (to go / come) for a drink
      Example: Would you like to come over for a drink?
    • (to go / come) for a visit
      Example: I’d love to come for a visit sometime.
    • (to have something) for breakfast / lunch / dinner / supper (US English)
      Example: I had bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Use ‘in’ with the following nouns:

    • to be OR to fall in love with someone
      Example: I fell in love with my wife at first sight.
    • in my opinion
      Example: In my opinion, we need to invest in some development.
    • a need for something

Use ‘on’ with the following nouns:

  • (to be) on fire
    Example: Help! The house is on fire!
  • (to be) on the telephone / phone
    Example: I think Tom is on the phone at the moment.
  • on television
    Example: There is a good film on television tonight.
  • on the radio
    Example: Mahler’s fifth was on the radio last night.
  • (to be / go) on a diet
    Example: I really need to go on a diet.
  • (to be / go) on strike
    Example: The sanitary engineers have gone on strike agin.
  • (to be / go) on holiday (UK English) / vacation (American English)
    Example: I really need to go on vacation soon.
  • (to be / go) business
    Example: He went away this weekend on business.
  • (to be / go) on a trip
    Example: We were on a trip this past weekend.
  • (to be / go) a tour
    Example: Have you ever been on a tour of the French countryside?
  • (to be / go) on an excursion
    Example: We went on an excursion to Versailles when we were in Paris.

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